Katy is a collage artist & enthusiast of the natural world. She is particularly fond of flowers.

Enneagram Type: 1w9 (Idealist) | Myers-Briggs: INFJ (Advocate)
Jungian Archetype: Sage | Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Originally from Southern California, she currently lives & works in North Texas. You can follow her on Instagram @foundbykaty.

Education & Experience

BA, Graphic Design & Illustration | California State University Northridge

Multi-Hyphenate Creative/Jane of All Trades: Over the last ten years I have partnered with companies and individuals to offer Graphic Design, Branding & Brand Management, Art Direction, Styling, Creative Writing, Fine Art, Installation Art, Editorial Design, Print & Digital Works, Environmental Collateral, Social Media Content, Creative Strategy, Visual Research, etc.

Curious by nature, I am passionate about personality “hacking” both in brand work and interpersonally. I greatly enjoy asking uncommon questions and "zooming out" to view the bigger picture of things: digging into the psychological "how" and "why" of color, language and design in marketing is exactly my cup of tea. I take great pride in my ability to help others (and brands) grow organically through visual roadmapping, language studies, strategic planning, and creative problem solving.



Moda Operandi
Good Company Magazine
Sunday Times Style Magazine UK
Clarins UK
Sourcebooks, Fiercely Female Calendar
New Crop Shop
Brabantia TagOurBag Winner
Sony Music Entertainment, St. Lucia
Ivy League Records, Red Riders