About The Collages / Faq

kate rabbit perspective

– Is there a special meaning behind your #musebl00ms series? I think the series likely speaks to each viewer in a different way, but my intention is that they convey a sense of whimsy and imagination. Part of the fun in my creations is to romanticize the magical possibilities of the natural world – like the singing flowers in Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland movie.

– Do you have any tips for first-timers? To an aspiring collage artist, I would recommend collecting materials that speak to their personal aesthetic, and then to just go for it! Get scissor happy and arrange the pieces until you find a setup that works. (I like to lightly trace the outline of each piece before gluing down so the placement remains the same.) Don’t be too structured, don’t assume your style has to be a certain way. Create what speaks to you and your work will flourish.

– How are your collages made? Do you use a computer? All of the flower collages in my #musebl00ms series have been made by hand with paper, scissors, glue & ink—it’s a very messy process :) Generally my commissioned work is a combination of both digital and handmade for the sake of perfectionism, and for the ease of collaborative design & communication.

– Where do you find your materials? All over. I’ve been interested in collage since I was very young, and have always had a fondness for paper, magazines, old books, postcards and matchbooks. I have boxes packed full of printed and blank paper materials, which makes it very easy for me to find content to work with. I also make regular visits to used & new book stores to add to my collection.

– What is your background? I’m an Art Director by day, with a dense background in graphic design. I find layout and composition to be fascinating, so for me, creating a collage feels like putting a puzzle together. Negative space also tends to plays a big role in the final outcome of my work, allowing the florals room to breathe.


A full archive of my flower collages can be viewed HERE